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Welcome to Bray Lake Open Water Swimming

Whether you have been open water swimming for years or just fancy giving it a go, Bray Lake is a great place to swim. It doesn't matter whether its your first time or whether you are a seasoned professional you will always get a friendly welcome, a great cup of coffee or tea if you prefer and get to swim with a bunch of like minded people. Bray Lake swimming is friendly and safe, yet challenging if you need it to be with a variety of distances and exposure. Be warned though, open water swimming is very addictive.

At Bray Lake Open Water Swimming Centre we pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable atmosphere and welcome open water swimmers and triathletes of all abilities. If you are new to open water swimming or are unsure of your ability we recommend that you should be able to swim a minimum of 250m unaided. We also have onsite swim professionals that run regular clinics and coaching sessions for all levels from novice to pro.

Winter season

The Lake stays open and swimming continues throughout the the winter, we just reduce the opening times and the number of sessions per week. We have a friendly group of regular cold water swimmers who are always happy for new people to join them both on the water and for tea and cake after. We run regular events throughout the year and winter is no exception with a cold water night time dip and BBQ and our annual Xmas inflatable animal challenge. If you do want to take on the challenge of winter swimming check out our list of essential swim tips, and feel free to give us a call for advice.

Need some coaching? Get in touch with The Triathlon Training Centre who offer swimming lessons and triathlon training at a variety of levels at Bray Lake.

Need a wetsuit? You can hire a wetsuit for £10.00.

Have a question? Give us a call. The centre is open 7 days a week and we are always happy to chat.

Current water temp: 8°C
view recent temperatures


  • We ask that you please put your name and contact number in your kit
  • Barista coffee and brunch served over the weekends, we hope you enjoy
  • For regular updates follow our Open Water Swimming Facebook page

New Registration

All swimmers must be registered as a Friend of Bray Lake. If you are new to swimming at Bray Lake, please follow the link below to register. You will need to select new user and then Friend of Bray Lake.

Your registration will last for 1 year and you will need to renew your registration each year to continue swimming.

Register for Swimming

Swimming Registration Renewal

For those already registered, you will be sent an email when your renewal is due, please follow the instructions below.

If you have already self-registered online, please follow the link below and select Existing Customers With Password, you will need to enter your registered email address and password. There is a forgotten password link should you require it.

Re-register for Swimming

If you were registered by one of our reception team, please contact us on 01628 638860 and we will supply you with a password for you to complete the renewal.

We strongly advise that this renewal is completed at home to save you time and avoid a delay when arriving at the lake.

Opening Times

As a result of shorter days and reduced day light hours our swim times have been adjusted accordingly.

December Swim Sessions will be Saturday and Sunday only 08:00-10:00

January and February swim sessions will continue at the weekend on Saturday and Sunday at 08:00-10:00, but will be subject to change dependant on conditions and number of swimmers.

Please note that whilst swimming at Bray Lake is open all year round, swim times change regularly in line with daylight hours. Weather conditions can also play a part in our opening and closing times as they also have an effect on visibility and your safety.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for all the seasonal variations, events and safety information.

Some events run at Bray Lake are organised by external companies. Please contact the event organiser for more information.

Cold water swimming. Top tips!

Begin with the end in mind!

  • Swim regularly.
  • Eat before swimming.
  • Bring lots of layers – no zips, laces or buttons!
  • Add hats, gloves and boots.
  • Take time getting into the water.
  • Build up your time in the water gradually.
  • Get out of the water if you feel warm!
  • Head up breastroke is fine!
  • Manage your mind games.
  • Swim shorter loops/stay close to the shore.
  • Stay calm! Help is available if needed.  
  • Do not have a hot shower afterwards!
  • Dress quickly before aftershock sets in.
  • Drink tea and eat crumpets!
  • Adjust your swim to your health and wellbeing.
  • Swim within your limits.
  • Cold water swimming is a team sport!

Above all, enjoy it!

Happy Cold Water Swimming!!