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Bray Lake Open Water Swimming

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Open Water Swimmers at Bray Lake


Bray Lake Open Water Swimming Centre is available to all swimmers of varying abilities from novice triathletes to those aspiring to more challenging swims or events and everyone in between.

Through our association with The Triathlon Training Centre we are able to offer swim coaching and training at a variety of levels.

Swimming at Bray Lake

Swimming in open water is by it very nature dangerous. To help the safety staff and all other swimmers in the lake please adhere to these simple rules.

It is important that you:

  • Wear a brightly coloured swim cap
  • Wetsuits must be worn (unless a no wetsuit waiver has been signed - please ask at Reception for more information)
  • Swim anti-clockwise, keeping to the marked routes
  • Take care when entering/exiting the water (stones-shells-slippery)
  • Enter and exit only at the specified points. It is recommended that you enter from the pontoons rather than the sides of the lake since it can be slippery and may have stones and shells underfoot.
  • If in trouble, lay on your back, don't panic! Relax, float and raise you arm and shout "Help"
  • Safety attention whistles are located at each buoy, blow to raise alarm
  • No diving is allowed as water levels fluctuate and may be shallow
  • Log out after your swim,
  • Shower on completion of your swim, and wash with soap.