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Bray Lake Open Water Swimming

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Open Water Swimmers at Bray Lake

Rules, Regs and Registration

All swimmers will be required to agree to our Terms and Conditions which includes a waiver, and is valid for a single season agreeing to the following:

  • Those using the Lake for swimming must read and agree to abide by the Bray Lake Swimming Rules, safety guidelines and comply with directions from Bray Lake Swimming staff. 
  • ALL swimmers are required to sign in before their swim and collect a swim band. This band must be worn while on the water and returned to reception as soon as you leave the water.
  • All swimmers must be physically fit and healthy and have no pre-existing medical conditions that would affect their ability to swim in open water.
  • You are required to provide us with any medical details that you feel we should know in the event of us having to provide you with any medical treatment.
  • By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you agree to all risks associated with swimming in the Lake and that you are agreeing to swim at your own risk and understand the dangers associated with swimming in open water and the potential for serious personal injury, or illness.
  • We recommend that you wear a suitable swimming wetsuit however if you choose not to wear a wetsuit, you must appreciate and understand the risks involved in not wearing a wetsuit and you do so at your own risk.

Registration Form

Safety when Open Water Swimming

Swimming in open water can increase the risk of ill health. As obvious as it may seem the water may not be of bathing quality and may contain sewage, livestock contamination and pollution from farming. It is therefore important that you:-

  • Do not swim or enter the water if you feel unwell.
  • Cover cuts, scratches and sores with a waterproof plaster before swimming.
  • Consider wearing appropriate protective clothing such as a wetsuit, gloves and/or protective footwear.
  • Whilst you are swimming, try to avoid swallowing and/or splashing water into your mouth.
  • After swimming, ensure you wash your body and in particular clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling/eating food.
  • Thoroughly clean cuts or abrasions using soap and water after exiting the water.
  • Handle your wetsuit with care and rinse after use.

If you become ill after swimming, immediately seek medical help and let them know you have been open water swimming. Please also immediately notify Bray Lake Swimming.

All swimmers must adhere to the Bray Lake Open Water Swimming rules which are available at the Centre and also for download.

Rules & Regs

Below you will find details about water quality and blue-green algae at Bray Lake.

Water Quality

Algae Information